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Turkey: Blue Cruise Days 1 & 2

Stacy and I set out on a four-day Blue Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos on Sunday morning. We got picked up at our hostel at 10 AM and were boarding the boat with our fellow cruisers and crew members by noon. There were nine other people (mainly Australians), three crew members, and the captain on the boat with us. Stacy and I had our own tiny cabin and bathroom, though we were rarely in the cabin the entire trip. We spent the majority of our time laying out on the cushions on the deck.


Cruisin’ out

We cruised out for about an hour or so before stopping in Samanlik Bay to have lunch and swim. Lunch was delicious, as were all the meals we ate on board. I was amazed that such great tasting food came out of the tiny kitchen onboard. After lunch we headed to the Blue Lagoon, a little lagoon. The area around the Blue Lagoon was gorgeous with rocky mountain backdrops and a bunch of paragliders in the air. Some of the boys got adventurous and jumped off this big rock into the sea, but Stacy and I sat that one out. We did, however, swim from the boat into shore and waded around the lagoon for a bit.

The area around the Blue Lagoon


Sailing again

Our last stop for the day was St. Nicholas Island, where we docked for the first night. The captain made some sangria and we all drank and chatted before dinner. Dinner was incredible- fresh fish, salad, some type of grain, and more. I tried to sleep up on deck that first night (the captain suggested we sleep on the deck because the cabins got pretty hot), but couldn’t sleep despite being in the cool air and under a really clear starry sky. I eventually gave up trying to sleep on deck when we started sailing around 4 AM and went to sleep in the cabin.

Docked by St. Nicholas Island

Despite getting a really bad night’s sleep, I was up by 9 AM and hung out on the deck until we docked near Kalkan for breakfast and a swim (basically every meal involved jumping in the water before and/or after). We cruised on to Kas, a really cute small fishing village. We had about an hour to spend in Kas so Stacy and I shopped a bit and got a fresh orange juice before getting back onboard for lunch. I easily could have spent more time (and money) in Kas, but we had to keep sailing on to our next destination.


Our home for four days

After lunch we cruised on for a bit to Kekova, a little cove where we docked for the night. We immediately saw a bunch of sea turtles in the water when we arrived and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening trying to get close to the turtles in the water. I didn’t manage to get too close to a turtle that day, but I did swim around a bit with goggles and fins on and had a look under the water. There wasn’t much to see, but the water was incredibly clear and a beautiful blue color. We wrapped up the night with another delicious dinner and some games on deck.

Kekova, or as I was calling it, Turtle Cove

Day 3 and 4 recap coming soon!

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