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Turkey: Olympos

I followed up our four-day Blue Cruise with two days in Olympos while Stacy went back to Istanbul due her change in travel plans. Olympos was the perfect last stop on my vacation because there was nothing to do there but chill on the beach and hang out at the hostel. Stacy and I had strategically planned the trip this way so that we would be really busy and do all the touristy stuff at the beginning of the trip and just relax at the end.

I stayed at Bayrams Tree Houses, which is one of the more unique hostels I’ve stayed at during my travels. I had my own little tree house and spent the evenings in the large comfy outdoor common area. Turkish breakfast and dinner were also included with my room and both meals were delicious and fresh.


My tree house


The common area

I spent most of my time down on the beach, which is one of the most distinctive and isolated beaches I’ve ever visited. First, you have to drive down in the valley where Olympos and all the tree house hostels are located. From your tree house, you have to walk through the Olympos Bey Daglari National Park of Lycian/Roman city ruins to get to the beach. Once you reach the beach, you are surrounded by rocky mountains that form a semi-circle around the coastline.

The pond behind the sea, the sea, and surrounding mountains at Olympos

I spent Wednesday afternoon and most of Thursday down on the beach with the Australians I met on the boat. I went for a run on Thursday morning, but the valley was scorching hot even at 7:30 AM and it was tough to finish. I relaxed at the hostel in the evenings eating dinner, playing backgammon, and reading. I went to the beach solo for a final few hours of relaxation on Friday morning before making the eight-hour trek back to Istanbul that involved three buses, one plane, and one cab. Finally I met back up with Stacy at a hotel near the airport where we stayed before our noon flight back to the U.S. on Saturday.


View on my morning run through the valley

Turkey was the perfect in-between vacation between leaving Georgia/finishing Peace Corps and going back home to America. Stacy and I packed a lot into our two-week itinerary and I think we saw a lot of the best parts of Turkey. However, as it is when I travel anywhere, I always find myself learning about other cool places to travel in that country and wishing I could stay just a little longer. I’ll come back one day, Turkey, but for now I’m ready to go home.




Beach panoramas



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